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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

JMA wrote to the Shepparton News about an opinion piece titled “Respect Ramadan Values” (22/06/15). The article was a positive change for a faith group that is frequently covered by the media and usually in negative terms. A minor correction was pointed out that the Ramadan fast is from dawn to sunset rather than from sunrise as indicated. And although the list of exemptions may not have been exhaustive, includes children who have not reached puberty and menstruating women. The use of the word ‘ignorance’ may have been a bit harsh, but the piece certainly does improve awareness and promotes better harmony between diverse communities.


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Recent Cases

APC dismisses JMA complaint against Daily Mail’s ‘unforgivable’ sin

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

The Daily Mail Australia published an article online on 21 Augusts 2017 titled: "Burqa-wearing Sydney Islamic preacher claims Muslim women are committing a 'major sin' if they pluck their eyebrows". JMA wrote the newspaper expressing the concern that two statements in the article may have been inaccurate and one image misleading. The use of the word ‘unforgivable’ did not feature in the accompanying audio grab published with the report. The use of the word ‘beards’ also did not feature in the audio grab and may have been an editorialised inclusion. The image included in the report video showed the SUMSA logo when there was no evidence provided in the article that the talk was given at a SUMSA event. The DM failed to respond so JMA referred the complaint on to the Australian Press Council. The APC considered the complaint and decided not to refer it for further consideration on the basis that the words ‘unforgiveable’ and ‘beards,’ although not included in the short audio grab, do occur in the two-hour long lecture. With regard to the SUMSA logo, the APC confirmed that the DM has pixilated the word SUSMA from the image on the video (updated article available here). 

2GB apologises for offence caused by Chris Smith’s airport suspension suggestion

Wednesday, 12 September 2017

On Monday 31 July 2017, 2GB radio host Mr Christ Smith on The Chris Smith Show made the following comments in response to the arrests made over the weekend before in Sydney: “One of the first things I think that needs to be done is to determine who is working within our airport system that could be a threat. Now, I’ll cop a barrage for this, but is it not time we consider suspending all Muslim workers at airports Australia wide? Yes, it is a discriminatory rule. Most of those men and women are doing the right thing: working and providing for their families, but there is only one link to radical Islamic insiders working for IS, and that’s the Islamic religion.” JMA wrote to the radio station arguing that the comments were in breach of the Australian Communications and Media Authority’s registered Commercial Radio Industry Code of Practice (15 March 2017). Section 2.1.4. states: “is likely to incite in a reasonable listener, hatred against, or serious contempt for, or severe ridicule of, any person or group of persons because of age, ethnicity, nationality, race, gender, sexual preferences, religion, transgender status or disability.” Macquarie Media Limited on behalf of 2GB responded stating that it did not believe the comments were in breach of the code but nevertheless apologised for any offence caused by the broadcast.

Daily Mail changes Imam's 'wailing' to 'crying'

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

On Thursday 22 June 2017, the Daily Mail Australia published a news report online with the headline: "'This is forbidden in Islam': Muslim imam hates people CRYING when someone dies because it displeases Allah." JMA wrote to the newspaper pointing out that in the video accompanying the report, the imam used the word "wailing' rather than "crying." JMA requested that since there was a difference between crying and waling, the error should be corrected. The newspaper eventually agreed to make the change.

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