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"Engagement is an effective way to promote accurate and responsible media reporting."
September 23rd, 2013: JMA wrote to commend an editorial by Sydney's Daily Telegraph newspaper titled: "Terrorist attacks an insult to Islam." The opinion piece highlighted an important truth that "with every act of violence and every hate-filled word do more to deface the religion in whose name they claim to act than any human being on the planet." A point ignored by some in the media.
April 13, 2013: JMA wrote to Trent Dalton about his piece in the Weekend Australian. Balanced and refreshingly insightful. An approach not often taken in coverage of issues related to Australian Muslims and citizens of Lebanese background.
Feb 16, 2013: JMA wrote to thank Emma Partridge for her report - a welcome contribution to responsible engagement of communities in the media promoting harmonious co-existence. "Ms Smith said those who thought of Islam as a religion that oppressed woman had probably never had a conversation or cup of tea with a Muslim woman."
July 27th, 2012: JMA wrote to Bernard Salt acknowledging his insightful analysis in The Australian on religion in the suburbs based on Census 2011. Particularly his comment on religious communities living harmoniously – a reality that is too often overlooked in the daily preoccupation with conflict in the media. 
Appreciate Respect Shown
Tuesday, 23 June 2015
JMA wrote to the Shepparton News about an opinion piece titled “Respect Ramadan Values” (22/06/15). The article was a positive change for a faith group that is frequently covered by the media and usually in negative terms. A minor correction was pointed out that the Ramadan fast is from dawn to sunset rather than from sunrise as indicated. And although the list of exemptions may not have been exhaustive, includes children who have not reached puberty and menstruating women. The use of the word ‘ignorance’ may have been a bit harsh, but the piece certainly does improve awareness and promotes better harmony between diverse communities.
image-433063-SN220615-Respect Ramadan Values.jpg?1435023699562
Andrew Bolt corrects Mufti error
Wednesday, 22 April 2015
On Monday 20 April 2015 the Herald Sun published an opinion piece by columnist Andrew Bolt titled “Hidden profits from halal certificates should be exposed and stopped.”
JMA wrote to the columnist about several issues in the article. In it he referred to the Catholic faith as “a controversial dogma.”
JMA enquired as to how the PM might feel about his faith being associated with the phrase as well as the term “sneaky” which was also used. JMA also highlighted that the columnist singled out halal certification for scrutiny but did not state whether the federal government certification proposal should include kosher products or not. Finally, he inaccurately reported that the Grand Mufti of Australia was appointed by Muslims Australia. Mr Bolt agreed to correct the error and subsequently removed all online references including several negative imputations to the current Mufti of Australia.
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Tanveer Ahmed Sacked Again
Feb 17, 2015, Daily Life: Psychiatrist Tanveer Ahmed has been sacked as a columnist for The Australian after being exposed as a serial plagiarist. It comes just two years after he was released from Fairfax Media for poaching other people's ideas.

APC Rules Against Fairfax
SMH 16 September 2013: The Australian Press Council ruled that two passages published by Fairfax about Slater & Gordon "were so serious and adverse that the firm should have been given a reasonable opportunity to respond before publication." Slater & Gordon complained that "two statements in the report inaccurately and unfairly implied it was concealing the existence of a file about incorporation" or "delaying release of the file." The two articles were "about the role of Julia Gillard in the incorporation of the AWU Workplace Reform Association in 1992." 

SMH, 28 September 2012: The Australian Communications and Media Authority ruled that Media Watch breached the ABC code of conduct by not giving a journalist the right of reply. Ironically, the 2011 segment in question had attacked The Daily Telegraph for running "blatantly one-sided" coverage "as the government's poll figures slide."
The Age, 15 June 2012: ACMA finds Alan Jones' 0.001% greenhouse claim in breach but tossing the PM out to sea in a chaff bag not. Sydney radio station 2GB "was also found to be in breach on two counts of failing to comply with the complaints-handling provisions of the code."
Tuesday, 20 March 2012, UTS
The Australian Centre for Independent Journalism at the University of Technology held a public forum to discuss the Finkelstein Media Inquiry report. The forum featured frank and vigorous debate between panelists: Professor Julian Disney, Peter Fray, Philip Clark, Paul Kelly and Anne Dunn and the audience.
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