About Us

Executive Director:

The founder and current executive director of Just Media Advocacy has more than thirty years experience in the media. His vast experience includes writing, publishing, and being interviewed by print and broadcast media. He has edited and published a community newspaper, several magazines and newsletters.

His first publication as editor more than 30 years ago was a student representative council magazine at a weekend community college. His first media interview in the early 90s was with ABC News Radio as spokesperson for a youth conference in Sydney.

In April 2007 he hosted a live online discussion with the Sydney Morning Herald. He has been interviewed by talk-back radio hosts John Laws, Tim Webster and others.

His ongoing media advocacy and engagement experience is gained dealing with difficult race and religious relations’ issues and community tensions post-S11.

He has completed several media engagement training courses from companies based in Australia, the UK and the US.

He is passionate about advocating for community cohesion and diversity management in order to advance social progress.

Dr Zachariah Matthews