Framing contrast on homosexuality by The Australian

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

JMA wrote to The Australian newspaper after analysing the inconsistent framing used in two reports on homosexuality - one about a Sheikh and the other about a Rabbi. The paper published an edited version of JMA's letter to the editor.
The published letter, original submission and two reports can be seen here - FramingAnalysis-300816.pdf


The Australian campaigns distorting emphasis on Sharia

23 March 2012

In March 2012, JMA published in On Line Opinion a report outlining The Australian newspaper’s active campaign against sharia in the ACT case of a daughter disputing a Muslim will which would have given her half that of her brothers. The most significant fact that was lost in The Australian's coverage and by others online and on talkback radio, was that the judge did not reject the will because it was a Muslim will, but rather that the mother was already showing signs of dementia at the time she signed it and therefore it was declared invalid.

What is the media’s duty of scepticism?

24 January 2012

Do the media sometimes exacerbate people's fears that could strain community relations? On Wednesday 11 January 2012 Melbourne's The Age newspaper unwittingly provided an opportunity for the stereotype to be reinforced that Muslim Australians are violent extremists. The Fairfax newspaper published on its front page the story of a missing Ashwood woman in 'Fears held for Christian convert.' The report included the woman's husband stating that he feared his wife was "abducted by Muslim hardliners because of her attempts to convert Muslims to Christianity." JMA published in On Line Opinion a report on the media’s mishandling of this story. The husband was later charged with his wife’s murder.

Media agenda overlooks ideology

18 November 2011

In November On Line Opinion published JMA’s review questioning the unprecedented access given to Maryam Namazie, an anti-sharia campaigner from the UK. Most of the media coverage during her Australian visit neglected to investigate her atheist background and membership of the Worker-Communist Party of Iran. JMA posited that perhaps this background was instrumental in the formation of an ideology which was opposed to religion itself and Islam in particular. Also conspicuously absent from the coverage of Namazie's fight against sharia and religious law was her position on the existence of Jewish courts in the UK and Australia.  Read

JMA’s submission to Independent Media Inquiry

22 October 2011

In October JMA lodged a submission to the Federal Government’s Independent Media Inquiry. Areas recommended for improvement included: moderation of reader comments in online media; media publishers responding to enquiries; distinguishing fact from comment; use of confidential/unnamed sources; and improving the APC’s complaints processing procedures. JMA asserted that some online media allow un-moderated reader comments to be posted which may be in breach of racial or religious vilification laws.